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Pals (Baix Empordà), 30 May 1957

Born in Pals (Baix Empordà) in 1957, he is a professor of philosophy and the author of various books on philosophy, written primarily in Catalan.

After completing his secondary school studies with the Jesuits in Barcelona, he joined the anti-Franco struggle as a member of a pro-Catalan independence group – Joventuts Revolucionàries Catalanes [Catalan Revolutionary Youth] – and was jailed and tortured under the dictatorship (1975).

He received his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona in 2001 with a dissertation directed by Dr. Margarita Boladeras, Diderot y la construcción del sujeto moral (Diderot and the construction of the moral subject), unanimously awarded a grade of Excellent (cum laude). He also received the Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera, an award given to the most outstanding graduate in each degree programme, from the University of Barcelona, with a minor thesis titled Diderot y el sujeto estético (Diderot and the aesthetic subject), directed by Dr. José María Valverde (1981). In addition, he has a Diploma in Theology from the Institute of Theology of Barcelona (1995) and he has completed studies in both psychology and sociology.

He is the author of the first book on postmodernism published in Catalan: El desordre cívic (The Civil Disorder) (1983). He has also published a dozen or so books, essays and translations on the philosophy of the Enlightenment, on the history of thought in Catalonia, on the crisis of modernity and on applied ethics.

He has been, since 1996, an Assistant Professor of Ethics at the University of Girona and since 1999 a consultant to the Open University of Catalonia where he has taught ethics, the theory of knowledge and modern philosophy.

For his work he has received practically all the Catalan philosophical essay awards: the Serra i Moret award from the Government of Catalonia, the Serra Hunter award from the Institute of Catalan Studies, the Arnau de Vilanova award from the Professional Philosophical Association, an honourable mention for the Josep Vallverdú award from the City of Lleida, etc.

Since 2001 he has coordinated the Business Ethics group of the Institute of Technoethics (the Epson Foundation).

He is a regular collaborator of “Userda”, a journal of ecological thinking in Catalan. He has also coordinated the Philosophy committee of the Ateneu Barcelonès since 2005.

He is involved in the research project “La verdad y las razones de la filosofía política” (Truth and political philosophical reasons) (BFF 2003-03755) and has participated as an advisor to the drafting of various laws enacted by the Catalan Parliament.

He is the administrator of one of the philosophy web pages of reference in Spain and Latin America, http://www.alcoberro.info, containing information in Catalan and in Spanish.
He is generally identified as a member of the la “Transition Generation”, the group of philosophers who published their first books during the early years of Catalan autonomy.
He is married to the philosopher Júlia Torres Canela and has two children. Among other eccentricities, he collects ties with colourfully designed drawings and rumba music interpreted by Catalan gypsies.



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